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Physical Coaching Academy (BE):
NASM Personal Trainer - Assess & Correct - Program Design - Kettlebell level 1 - Modified Strongman Training

YPSI Your Personal Strength Institute (DE):
Functional Anatomy and Exercise Execution - Program Design & Periodisation - Nutrition, Hormones, Nervous System & Skinfolds - Movement Analysis & Injury Pre- and rehabilitation - Sportspecific Training and Business - Advanced Supplementation - Intervaltraining Program Design & Periodization - Tool with Dr P. Lundgren - Myoreleae with DR P. Lundgren - Functional Sports Nutrition with Dr R. Rakowski

Overload Worldwide (NL):
T.O.P. Trainer A en B - Mylogenics Activation, Release & Rehab - Personal Hormonal Profiling

Human Motion (NL):
Functional Movement Screen level 1 en 2 - FAT Fascial Abrasion Technique with Dr Scappaticci

5 day private internship: Program Design & Periodisation

Thibarmy (CA):
Advanced Training Methods For Strength Development
Neuro Typing System

Precision Nutrition (CA):
The Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition

lean Health (AU)
Performance Nutrition Level 1 & 2

Program Design